Common styles of animation of CSS animation effect

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Define an animation:

/*Set a key frame to define the action of each step of the animation*/
@keyframes mybox{
            0%{transform: translate(0,0);}
            25%{transform: translate(200px,0);}
            50%{transform: translate(200px,200px);}
            75%{transform: translate(0,200px);}
            100%{transform: translate(0,0);}
/*Reference key frame, set animation execution style*/
animation: mybox 5s 1s infinite;


1. Return to the original position after the animation.
2、from->0%    to ->100%

Animation name: the name of the animation, (must exist)

Animation duration: the duration of the animation

Animation delay: specifies how long the animation will appear

Animation iteration count: defines the number of times the animation is executed

The default value is: 1; infinite times: infinite

Animation timing function: to define the effect of animation animation fill mode:

None: the default value; the style takes effect after the delay;
Backwards: the style takes effect before the delay;
Forwards: stop at the end of the animation;
Both: it has the characteristics of backward and forward;


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