Construction of DHCP Server

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Construction of DHCP Server

1. Installation requirements of DHCP server:

The construction of DHCP server needs some necessary support, mainly in the following aspects:

  1. A server running Windows Server system is required and a static IP address is specified for it.
  2. According to the subnet partition and the number of computers in each subnet, the range of an iP address is determined for each subnet.

Installation of DHCP Server

Log on to the server as an administrator – [right-click [computer] – [management] – [open the server manager] – [role] – [add role]

Click Add Role Wizard – [Check the DHCP Server] – [OK] – [Install] – [Close]


3. Authorized DHCP Server

Set the static IP address first so that the IP address in the host and server is identical (as shown in the following figure)


Click Start – – [Management Tools] – [DHCP] – [DHCP] – [Right-click] – [Management Authorized Server]



Open the Manage Authorized Server – – – click Authorization – – – enter the name or IP address of the authorized DHCP server – – – click OK

Open [Determine Authorization]- – click [Determine]- – the system returns to [Manage Authorized Server]- – click [Determine]


IV. Creating and Activating Scopes

Enter the [DHCP] console window – – – right-click [IP V4] – [New Scope]


On the Open New Scope Wizard – – click Next – – pop up the Domain Name Dialogue – – Edit Name and Description – – click Next


Open the IP Address Range — Enter a planned IP address in the Start IP Address and End IP Address edit boxes respectively — Enter or adjust the Subnet Mask to specify the Subnet Mask in the Subnet Mask edit box — click Next


Open the Add Error Removal dialog box – click Add – click Next


Open the Rent Term dialog box (usually defaulted to 8 days) – – click Next


Open [Configure DHCP Options] – Select [No, I want to configure these options later] – and click [Next]


Open the New Scope Wizard dialog box – – – click Finish – – – the system returns to the DHCP console window to end the creation of scope – – – right-click Scope ( – – select Activate


5. Retain a specific IP address to a specified client

At the same time, press [Windows logo + R] – pop up [run] input [CMD] – – open [command prompt] input] [ipconfig / all and press Enter], and find the [Ethernet adapter local connection:] information area.


Enter the [DHCP] console window — expand the server and [scope]- – right click [reserve]- – select [new reserve]- – click [add]


Setting Scope Options

Right-click Scope Options in the [DHCP] Console Window, select [adapter], click [Convention], check [003 router], edit the default gateway IP address in [IP address], and click [Add]

[006dns server] as shown in [003 router]



The server options are set up as follows:


8. DHCP Client Setup and Verification (as shown below)

Client right-click on [Network]- Select [Attribute]- Open [Network and Sharing Center]- Click [Change adapter settings]- Open [Network Connection]- Right-click [Local Connection]- Select [Local Connection]- Double-click the [Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IP v4) Attribute] dialog box and select [Get IP address automatically and [Get DNS server address automatically]. 】 – Click OK


Press the [Windows logo + R] key combination on the client desktop – – open the [Run] dialog box, enter [CMD] and press the return key – – enter the `ipconfig / renew’command in the open command window to update the IP address lease, and then enter the `ipconfig / all’ command to view the information such as the IP address, subnet mask, default gateway and so on.






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