IOS open source project weekly report 0119

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The sixth issue of IOS open source project weekly report produced by opendigg is coming. Our IOS open source weekly collects high-quality IOS open source projects newly included by opendigg in the past week, so that IOS developers can easily find the project tools they need.
Sharaku’s ins like image filter Library

Oduithreadguard assists in monitoring whether UI changes are made on non main threads

Swiftycam simple snapchat style IOS camera framework

Frameworktemplate a template for a new framework project

Files provides a better way to handle files and folders

Priority multi image download for Vulcan swift

Addressparser cross platform swift SMTP mail client framework

Third party application of vexplore V2EX

Ezplayer video player based on avplayer package

Flexbox Facebook and yoga’s swift package

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